Monday, March 2, 2015

Week's End || March 2

1|| I'll admit it, we have mice. It's been terrible trying to find them and they won't go for the traps! I've been having some peppermint tea at night and leaving the tea bag in the sink because I heard mice don't like peppermint, haha! The last place I saw the mouse was in the dishwasher (ugh, I know) and now Koshka keeps going half under our cupboards by the dishwasher...I think she hears it. 
2|| Since moving in to our own place and both animals having free reign of the house, Koshka and Gunner are becoming better friends. Gunner doesn't jump on her as much and I catch Koshka rubbing her face and body all over Gunner's snout, lol. Weirdos.
3|| I started Whole30 round 2 and I'm loving it! I have a post coming up all about my experience and victories from the first round, and why I'm doing a second round. My breakfasts are my favourite!
4|| A Whole30 dinner :) Chicken, mushrooms, bell peppers, and asparagus. Mmmm, so good.

1|| Bahahaha, basically nothing...except an update on our first month living in our first home! 

I'm back at it! Maybe not full force in to blogging again, but I'm trying...! I've missed writing and sharing the Week's End posts, and linking up with Beth. So much has changed in the blogging world and I'm looking forward to experiencing it all again.

xo. Nicole


  1. Ohhhh, whole30 :) I did that last year! I definitely still have some meals that are whole30-ish that I love, but, gotta say - love my ice cream and red wine when I splurge now :)

  2. YYES!! I've been (not so) patiently waiting for you to blog again.

  3. Hehe :) I always love reading your posts, too!

  4. I'm totally looking forward to wine, and I think that's the only thing I really miss...other than the convenience of the other food!