Monday, March 9, 2015

Week's End || March 9

1|| Those are Gunner's "cuddle?" eyes, haha! Even as I type this, I'm getting the eyes.
2|| I found some tea in one of our unpacked boxes (which is now unpacked) and it's Whole30 compliant! I've been drinking it every night before bed to help my stomach do what it needs to do. I have some rough days and some amazing days on Whole30.
3|| Never enough bananas. I swear I eat more than the store can stock, I love them!
4|| I'm finding some new confidence in myself, so I rocked some pink/red lip stain to work and I can't get enough. For the first time in a while, my hair was down too.
5|| Spruce Grove has a Welcome Wagon! We received a map, coupons, and some free goodies from the city. It was a bit overwhelming, but totally worth it! The lady who came by was super nice and laid back, it was fun :)
6|| The weather here has been crazy, and since Thursday it's been above 0*C! I've taken Gunner for some walks every day since and we explored the walking trails around our new home. They're pretty nice and people are so friendly here.
7|| It's been a long time since I've posted a full-body selfie. Think it's that confidence knocking at my door? Probably.
8|| Gunner. Oh, Gunner. #Sunday.

1|| I shared a yummy breakfast recipe that's Whole30 compliant! 
2|| Part 4 of My Fitness Journey was talking about my experience with Whole30.

I realize that since I've jumped back in to blogging, it's been all about Whole30. I swear my blog won't just be about that! It's just really changed my life and right now it's one of the top things on my mind. I've since added exercise in to my routine and I'm really noticing a difference too. I hope to post more MFJ posts because it helps people. It could help you! I know something just clicked in my head to finally get me off my butt and start making my meals instead of ordering them, and I hope one of my posts about my journey is that 'click' in your head if you need it, ya know?!

xo. Nicole

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  1. Thanks Gabrielle! He is a cuite ;) and thanks for the encouragement!