Friday, March 6, 2015

MFJ v.04 || Whole30

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, you'll have seen and read that I'm participating in the Whole30 challenge. During the holidays, a few pictures were taken (ugh family photos) and I really just realized that my relationship with food needs to stop. It needs to go from unhealthy to healthy. I'm tired of how I look and feel all the time. I want more energy during the day, I don't want my brain to be so foggy...
I'm sure at one point you've come across the Whole30 challenge, and if you haven't I encourage you to check out the website! The 30 day challenge is essentially a nutritional reset for your body. For many, many people it's curbed unhealthy food cravings, cleared their skin, brought their energy up, and many have even lost weight. I'm not just doing this to lose weight, but to improve myself. 
I owed it to myself to complete a full round, and I did just that! My mood has significantly improved, my energy levels are up (except when I forget to drink water), and as of March 2, 2015, I'm down 20 pounds! I have my two sisters texting and messaging me asking for help and what I did and blah blah, because they want to try it now!
It's way easier than you think. My anxiety was up before I officially started, for fear of finding myself absolutely starving and having nothing to eat. Boy, was I wrong! Just remember the template of a crap ton of veggies, a palm or two of protein, a thumb of healthy fats (like extra virgin olive oil), and maybe some fruit if you're still hungry. When in doubt, put more vegetables on your plate, but if you're starving between meals, it means you didn't have enough protein or fats for YOUR body. The template can only go so far.
I had a 2 week hiatus from Whole30 while we moved in to our home and I definitely felt the effects of not eating the way a person should. I kinda went crazy with the take-out and crappy food. I am NOT making that mistake again! One big thing I noticed though, is that while eating terrible, I was more hungry more often. So I started my second round on February 16, and I was more hungry more often for the first couple days and then it got better, I'm eating less during the day, and sometimes I'm not even hungry and have to force myself to eat dinner.

The point of Whole30 is to be a nutritional reset. It is not a weight less system! Many people have the benefit of weight loss, but it's only an added bonus. I'm continuing to eat Whole30 compliant and will move on to Paleo after March 17, because I love how I feel. My biggest success is getting rid of my negative body image and feelings, and finally being confident about how I feel and look. I even rocked some pink/red lipstick this week for the first time EVER! Now I want to buy all the lipstick! hahaha!

Next week, I'm sharing my Whole30 essentials and other NSV (non-scale victories)! While I do have more time for blogging, I'm also using up my free time to cook and to unwind from the day so my posting won't be every day, but hopefully 2-3 posts a week.

xo. Nicole

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