Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Maxfield House || Guest Bedroom

It's one of the best feelings to finally own our own home. It's also great to know that we have a spare bedroom so more people can visit and spend the night without being uncomfortable on the couch. This means that our family and friends from BC are more likely to come see us now, knowing they have somewhere to stay for free instead of a hotel. Our first visitors come in 2 weeks so I've got two weeks to kinda make the room feel a little more comfortable. Currently, we're residing in there until we get our new mattress this coming weekend. 

This is a picture of the room I snapped on our final walk-through before we got possession of the house:
I've been browsing Pinterest like crazy trying to find ideas. There are sooo many options, but my goal is to make the room feel bright, happy, and cozy! Here are some of my ideas:

I definitely want "Be Our Guest" in the room somewhere, so I picked up some wooden letters from Michael's to nail on to the wall. How? Not sure yet, but that'll come to me soon. I also want to make a gallery wall full of friend and family quotes/prints and "Stay Awhile" fits right in! Extra blankets in a guest room is always a must because what may be a fine temperature for us, may not be fine for our guests. I'll just have to keep the door closed so Koshka doesn't sneak in and get fur all over the blankets ;)

Having been an overnight guest at someone's home, what sorts of things were missing? What kinds of things were there that you LOVED?

xo. Nicole

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