Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Cake

One of the most fundamental parts of a wedding is the cake. Have you been to a wedding that doesn't serve cake? Though lately, I've seen and heard that most people are doing cupcakes. I had some ideas for cupcakes, but in the end Rob and I decided on having a traditional 3 tier cake. One of my friends from high school started up her own business of baking. Her name is Stacy and her website is called Rustic Designs. (Psst. You should check it out.) We had an appointment on the 17th for a cake tasting and consultation. We were messaging each other back and forth on Facebook because I knew she had taken up baking and decorating, and I wasn't sure of her prices. She mentioned that she charges less than half of what most bakeries do for a wedding cake. Sold!
We tried 3 different kids of cake and decided on using all the flavors on a different tier! I forgot to mention to Stacy that I wasn't allergic to dairy or eggs anymore (or rather, I didn't care about eating those things), so she had made each flavor vegan! They were super delicious already so I'm super excited to try the cake when it's not made vegan.

What we've decided for the tiers was that the bottom layer will be mango filling with vanilla cake. The middle layer is going to be boston cream filling with chocolate cake, and the top layer will be butterscotch filling with butter rum cake. I'm beyond excited! Everyone is going to love it.

The design is going to be kept a secret until the big day. I've had a couple people ask me to go in to detail but it's just too much to really explain, too much for me anyway, haha. Hint: it goes along with our nature and campground theme. 

Overall, Rob and I had a really good consultation with Stacy and we're very happy with our choices. To keep within our budget (which I'm not super sure we really have anymore...oops) it's a really good idea to network and keep in touch with old friends. You never really know what kind of career or business your friends will open up. We were given a wonderful opportunity to have our cake made the way we want it for super cheap. Most bakeries, from what I've heard, will charge around $1,000 for a cake that will feed 130 people, but Stacy is charging us around $300! 

Did you get a good deal on your cake? Link up some pictures!

xo. Nicole


  1. Those fondant flowers are beautiful!

    1. Her specialty is making fondant flowers look real :) She's awesome