Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chicken - er, Koshka

She's been very weird. She just started chasing flies and mosquitoes, but she flips out over spiders, her shadow, and nothing at all. It's pretty entertaining unless you're holding her, cuddling, and then her eyes suddenly go wide and she bolts out of you, using your arms as something to push off of with her claws. I think she knows she's getting her shots tomorrow.

Feeeeeeeeerrr serious, proposal story is still coming. Today, my task is to get a kennel to bring Koshka to the vet in but my motivation has dwindled because I'm really obsessed with The Ville on Facebook. I just wish my actions on it weren't limited by "energy", it's the stupidest thing ever. 

So the title, yeah. I still prefer the cat to be named Chicken but Rob likes Koshka (which is Russian for cat - it's not spelled how it should be, just how it sounds). People like my friends and my Grandma still call her Chicken, and I'm A-Okay with that.

xo. Nicole


  1. First of all, your cat is gorgeous!!

    Second of all - they always know when the vets is on the cards :)


    1. Thanks! She's pretty miffed at me cause I got her a collar and tried to fit her in her new kennel...haha