Friday, August 24, 2012

Life Lately

The past couple days have been pretty hectic. I had orientation and work, then found out my younger sister was assaulted on the Skytrain and my mom has been in the hospital since Wednesday morning at 9am. 
Some old man started yelling at my sister, stepped on her feet, and hit her with his cane. I don't care how freaking old you are, there is no excuse for being a complete asshole. If I was there, or if it happened to me, I probably would have had a few choice words for him.
My mom is going to be in the hospital for another couple days while they wait to see if antibiotics will help her. If they don't, then it's surgery. I don't think my mom wants her medical problems broadcasted on to the interwebs, so I'm not going to go in to details, but it's not super life threatening or anything. I have the day off tomorrow so I am going to bring her magazines and one of her blankets and then spend the afternoon with her.  
I haven't really thought of anything wedding related the past couple days, except for when my new manager and I spent an hour of my 3 hour orientation talking about our upcoming weddings ;)
Even though life was a bit busy and unexpected for the past little while, I managed to find some sandals for $5, go out for dinner with Rob at one of our favorite restaurants, snap a picture of my cat being weird (how did she even manage getting UNDER the mat and pot?), and pick up my diploma!

Things will hopefully be getting a bit better. I have another orientation shift on Saturday and then my maid of honor, who just got back from travelling in Europe, is sleeping over! I can't wait to see her pictures, hear her stories, and start actually brainstorming things for the wedding. 

How has life been for you lately?

xo. Nicole

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