Tuesday, August 7, 2012

November 18, 2011...

Many people dream of the day they get proposed to. It's usually super duper romantic and something that many love telling the story, again and again. Mine, well, it wasn't exactly like that. I still loved it, Rob still asked me to marry him, I still got roses, I still got a ring...

On November 18, 2011, Rob and I went to see Breaking Dawn in theaters. I really don't know why we decided to see such a horrendous movie, but we did. After the movie, we were invited to go to George's (Rob's friend) house for some party.

Once we got there, Rob and his friends dived right for the alcohol. I don't like dealing with drunk people (I'm one to talk) and I knew I was going to have to be designated driver, meaning I couldn't join in the festivities like everyone else. Needless to say, I wasn't happy. 

At some point throughout the night, we ended up sitting beside each other on the couch, texting. A little bit later, Rob texted me "Will you marry me?" Yes, he was drunk. I stopped texting, looked at him, saw him smiling, then texted him back "Sure." And that was that. Rob shouted out to his friends "We're engaged!!" Most of his friends were quite happy for us. The others, not so much. We got a few "You're too young"'s and "You should wait"'s. I chose to ignore those, and just relished in the thought that we might actually be engaged. I wasn't entirely sure, as he was pretty drunk. Part of me was hoping he wasn't just asking me this to put me in a better mood, and it turns out he wasn't.

We went home shortly after that and Rob dragged his mom out of the computer room (we were still living in their basement at the time) and told her the news. She was pretty happy and had to endure Rob sitting her down and his drunk ramblings "Mom, no, you don't understand. Nicole is the best," "No mom, Nicole is amazing," "Mom, Nicole is just the best thing to happen to me." His mom and I told him that he better remember this in the morning or we'd both be pretty hurt.

I texted my mom that night, "Hey mom, I'm not entirely sure but I think Rob and I are engaged. I wanted to tell you before you found out over Facebook." All I got back was a "And you're telling me over text??" Whoops. We changed our Facebook statuses a couple minutes after that and got a ton of likes and comments. It was really nice :)

Laying in bed, Rob asked me for one of the rings I always wore, to get a ring the next day that would fit my finger. The next day, I had to work a good 8 hours and then go to my assistant manager's house for her birthday party. I had to wait all night plus an extra 14 hours before I could wear an engagement ring! I was texting him while I was at my ASM's, asking if he had got a ring. He kept telling me "I can't just pick one in one day. It's supposed to be special," and "We really can't afford one right now." To say I was disappointed was an understatement. 

On the way home from my ASM's house, Rob kept apologizing about not having a ring and I started to realize that I didn't need a ring right away. We were engaged and I didn't need a ring to prove it. I was more excited to show it off to everyone! About 3/4 of the way home, I realized that there was a dozen pink roses in the back seat! Rob told me he felt really bad about the ring so he got me some roses. We had just had a conversation a couple days ago about how he never gets me flowers. He told me they're only for special occasions and not just randomly, so this felt amazing :)

It's gets mushy here, guys...

When we got home, I walked in to our room and noticed a little gift bag on our bed. I asked Rob why there was a super tiny gift bag...

Rob didn't answer when I asked (mind you, I had a giant smile on my face 'cause I knew) so I turned around and he was on one knee! He had the little white box open and the biggest smile on his face.

His words were "Will you marry me?" Simple. I giggled, smiled, and said yes. He nervously slid the ring on my finger as we were both smiling. We then wrapped each other in our arms for a while, until Rob's mom opened our bedroom door and asked to see the ring.

I proudly showed her and it turned out that she took Rob out to pick out the ring. I later heard the story (most recently) that he brought home a ring and his mom told him it wasn't an engagement ring. She laughed and told him they were bringing that one back and getting a proper one. They made the right choice. I'm very happy with it :) It's white gold, too!

(Yes, I did my nails in anticipation of showing off my ring, as this was the night I received it).

After he proposed, Rob handed me the box and told me to keep it safe, as it had the wedding band in it. After we set a date a couple days later, I realized I had a whole year and a half to keep this thing safe. June 15, 2013 is the big day! I joke around with him about how it came with a wedding band so there's no turning back ;P

I'll admit that I've tried both rings on a couple - er, many times. It just feels so good to see them both on there together. Weird? I still get butterflies when I think about the day. Rob's friends who weren't very supportive have since changed their minds and have been quite excited for the wedding. It was so nice to hear everyone's well wishes and compliments!

How were you proposed to or did you propose?

xo. Nicole


  1. I was proposed to when I got home after my last exam April 2011. We were laying in bed and Chris asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and when I said yes he asked me to marry him and again I said yes.

  2. I got `You wanna do`er?`....`sure`...`well alright then, let`s do`er` lol. Romance at it`s finest

    1. I said sure cause I wasn't sure if he was serious. He was drunk! hahahah

  3. Awe! So cute. Braydon & I agreed that if we're still together for our tenth anniversary we would get hitched in Vegas. I don't know how serious he is about the idea, but it's only 7 years away soo..

    1. 7 years isn't so bad when you think about it haha

  4. .. and you are the BEST, AMAZING, and the BEST THING happening in my son's life :) Lenny and I are extremely happy with Rob's choice and welcome you to our family.