Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Never Too Early..

It's really never too early to make a Christmas list. I had a productive morning that included getting things ready to mail off, paid some bills, figured out some bills (ugh!), and started brainstorming ideas for Christmas gifts. Yes, it's August, but by November last year, I had no idea what to make people or what I wanted. I've decided to start both lists! This is when Pinterest has been the biggest helper. Last year, I tried to make everyone's gifts and this year will be no different except that I will be more organized and on top of things.
How cute is this? I know a lot of people who could use this to relax.
I know a few people who need these..
Mini mason jar snowmen. Cute!
Such a good idea! Definitely what I'm doing this year. [source unkown]
Perfect for our niece and nephews!

There are so many ideas running through my head! This could be considered Pinterest Sunday as I'll probably be too busy tomorrow to get around to it and I missed last week. Now to get on the phone with my mom and discuss our potential caterer! Picking menus is kinda fun. I'm torn between using their dishware, about whether or not it will clash with my decorations and table settings. Hmm.

Congratulations to Allison and Mike on their wedding day (today)!! It's super exciting and I'm so happy for them!

Happy Saturday!

xo. Nicole


  1. Nice sharing I appreciate your work that you made for us thanks for sharing your thoughts about christmas gifts

  2. never ever too early haha! the snowmen jars are one of the most adorable things i've ever seen and i love the photo gift wrap idea :) xo

    1. I did something similar last year, so I don't think I can do them this year, haha! People might ask what's up