Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pinterest Sunday

This week's post is all about the cake stands, as we just put the deposit down on our cake! I found some good ideas for the stands (and they're basically all the same) that tie in to the rustic/nature/campground theme of our wedding. 
I really like the fact that they're just stumps!
I love the moss on the bottom, it really adds to the idea of a tree stump for a cake stand.
I've requested that my sister make her amazing vegan cupcakes, so this is a must!
This is one of my favorites. Less chance of the stand falling apart ;)

My future step-dad-in-law (haha) has agreed to help me make the stand. Now all I need to do is actually come to a decision about how I want it. I think the best bet will be the last one, as there really is less chance of the stand falling apart in case the glue was old or something.

What was your cake stand like? Do you have a DIY for one?

xo. Nicole

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