Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why I've Been Absent

Heyyyyooo! I haven't blogged recently because my dad and his fiancee have been out since Saturday night. I'm embracing the time that we have together rather than worry about going online. They've gone to bed so now I can play my Facebook game and relax on the couch :)
Dominoes! Mexican train dominoes, to be exact. It's the one game that gets played every time we see dad, grandma, or aunty Pearl. It's really fun. We tried playing it tonight, but our brains all hurt after one round, haha!
This is my view every morning while my dad is out. We offered them our bed as they're older and their backs aren't in as good of shape as ours. The couch is pretty comfy...the only thing keeping us awake is the Netflix and cat jumping around doing her random night time craziness.
I finally put up our picture frame! I had had pictures printed a couple months ago, and I even put them in the frame. Our only problem was finding a good spot and having the tools to do so. Three pictures of my nephews, one of my sister, one of me, two of Rob and I, a pictures from Christmas, and then my dad and I at my high school graduation. I want more frames!

Rob had Tuesday off, so it was our only day for the four of us to go out and do something. We couldn't decide what to do, but eventually we decided on going over to Victoria to walk around. Turns out we missed the 1pm ferry and had to wait for the 3pm. We browsed the gifts shops and got some gelato while we waited. It was then a 2 hour ferry ride, so we essentially drove in to the first city, had dinner, and then raced back so we wouldn't miss the 8pm ferry (which we thought was the last one!). We made it on to the 7pm one in the bottom part with all the big trucks. 
 On the way there...

 On the way home...

I guess we just took the 2 hour ferry ride to have dinner and take another 2 hour ride home. Dad and Christie were just happy they get the time with us and finally got to visit the island and take the giant ferry.

So far, it was been a great visit! I'm not really looking forward to work on Friday afternoon, but at least they'll still be here when I get home. They're leaving Saturday morning when I go off to work. 

I also received my giveaway prize in the mail! I'll be doing a post soon. It came all the way from England :)

xo. Nicole