Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Really, The Best News Ever...For A Broke Bride

I recently started my new job as a part-time residential care worker. I work in North Vancouver on the weekends and work with adults who have special needs. It's really good and came at an awesome time! It's obviously not all about the money, but it sure does help. Rob is also a care worker, but at a private home for a young adult who has a disability. Just the other night, Rob went to pick up his client from a wedding. He got to talking to some of the people there and I guess they liked Rob and what he was doing for their family because they made us an amazing deal. 

I was doing my best google searching for the best deals on renting those giant white tents, chairs, and tables. They were pretty expensive at $275 per tent, $8 a table, and $1.25 a chair. We need at least 2-3 tents, 24 tables, and roughly 130 chairs. That adds up pretty darn quickly.I was starting to lose hope in how we were going to afford everything, but then Rob called me when he was at the wedding, waiting for his client. 

Are you ready for this?

They told Rob that we could rent everything we needed (as in 3 tents, 24 tables, and 130 chairs) for only $200! Yeah. That's awesome.

Place we were considering getting our stuff from: $1,180.
The amazing people that are letting us rent everything we need: $200.
So essentially, we're saving: $980.

Hello caterer! Now we can have food at the wedding (ha).

But really, now I can think about the other things involved in a wedding, like Rob's ring. We're also going to need to budget hair and makeup, flowers, programs, fabric, lights, dance floor (?), etc..

It's so hard to come to a final decision about anything. Really.

xo. Nicole


  1. That is beyond amazing! Congrats on the find. As someone who is also getting married I know how expensive everything can be.

    1. Thanks! It is such a relief. Rob just told me that it's only a quote, but's a darn good quote.

      Congrats on your engagement!