Monday, September 24, 2012

A Family BBQ

While my dad and his fiancee were out, we went over to my dad's aunt's house for a little family get together. My younger sister, Aimee, is an aspiring photographer so she took her camera along. She hasn't emailed them all to me, but here are the one's she did.
My dad and his uncle.
My Aunt just recently remodeled their kitchen and it's gorgeous. So here's some food.
Redneck Albertans and their cigarettes..
LOL funny face time apparently. (That's not how I actually smile...I'm in the middle)
Aimee and my dad.

This past weekend, I've gone through periods of being pretty sad because they left Friday afternoon after I went to work. Apparently I just get cranky instead of crying, so Rob's had to deal with that a bit. I know it's a 'see ya later' instead of a goodbye, as they'll for sure be out again in June for my wedding, but it doesn't make it suck any less. 

We had a really awesome visit. It was really nice to have them stay at our place instead of at his Aunt's. I got to wake up every morning to my dad tiptoeing around trying to work the coffee maker, while Rob and I slept on the couch. I admit, when I was younger, I always expected a new toy or a new outfit when we saw dad, but since I've grown up, I just look forward to the time spent together. I really did not expect anything when they were out, but they stocked up our toilet paper, paper towel, and our fridge! 


I've got a couple posts coming up. I was just very busy the past week between work and my parent's visit, so I haven't had time to really be online. I received one of my giveaway prizes all the way from England! It was from a giveaway on Second Thoughts

Stay tuned. x

xo. Nicole

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