Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guest Post - Rebecca

I've got a special post for you guys today! Rebecca from Revkah is telling us the story of how her and her long time love came to be! They were both quick to be in a relationship just like Rob and I were. I'm very happy for them and I hope you enjoy her post :)


So before I start boring you all with chapter one of my relationship with my boyfriend, I'd like to say a very big thank you to Nicole for allowing me to guest post on her beautiful blog.
This picture was taken only a month ago, in the beautiful city of Rome. 

That gorgeous blue eyed man stood next to me is my boyfriend. After having a do-nothing-all-holiday break away last year, we decided it would be fun to have a city holiday this year. We celebrated our 27 month anniversary whilst away. 27 months, it's not a milestone, but we got to spend the happy date whilst on holiday together. Roughly 30 months prior to this day, we knew nothing of each other. An old friend of mine was acquainted with a friend of David's, so that's how I came to get to know this particular circle of friends. I spent two months hanging around with the same group of people as he, but never really met him. Properly, anyway. 

Roughly 28 months prior to this day, sometime in March (after David's birthday) we met. And of all the romantic places anyone could bump into the love of their life in, we met in a pub. And said boyfriend was relatively drunk. It wasn't a particularly nice encounter; the day we actually met was the day an individual from my past had passed away. So really, I was set out to get drunk, ignore everyone and not be hit on by any men. In rolls David. Drunk as a skunk. Sits on my knee. So you can imagine the mood I'm in, right? Upset, emotional, angry and drunk, too. So I shout at him. I cuss, I tell a mutual friend to keep him away from me. All sorts of melodramatic. We spent the remainder of the evening separated and keeping out of each others way. Well, you know how friends have that knack of reminding you about every detail from the night before?  My then friend reminded me of my callous attitude towards David on this particular evening, and I felt inclined to apologize. In steps social networking. Facebook, to be exact. And you know how you're always magically friends with someone prior to even meeting them? And you have no idea when you even accepted/requested friends? This was the case. So conveniently I didn't have to go through the whole embarrassing "request friendship" lark. "David is online". Open chat box. I apologized - and so did he for his drunken behaviour. And from that day, for about a week or two, we chatted as friends.

I spent most of the time at home as I'd nearly finished the last year of college, so I was off most days for revision, and he spent his days at university chatting to me online. There was several nights and events which we were both attending, like one night where he kindly bought me a drink and I disappeared (accidentally - friend in need and all that) for half an hour leaving him looking a little silly. So at these events we'd kindly speak, exchange words and jokes. And that was about it. It came to a point where I asked for his number from his close friend and text him after returning home after such an event. 

It's a good job he'd already asked for my number also from the same mutual friend, otherwise his response to my text asking "guess who" could have been so very wrong and so very disappointing. About another week after that, after enduring a kebab night with David and this mutual friend (who really, David and I owe everything to, because he was acting as Cupid throughout most of this), we organised a double date. David and I, and two friends. Of course, in true friend style, they both dropped out leaving David and I to go on a double date... Just the two of us. So a date really. We went for a few drinks and then to the cinema to see Shelter - and I still have the cinema ticket in my purse - how crap is the film Shelter?! I remember fiddling with his ring he was wearing, that it came off and bounced under the seats in the cinema. Of course, that caused a laughing fit. I also remember him moving in for the first kiss and then walking out of the cinema hand in hand. That was April 14th, 2010. 

 By April 21st, we'd been on our second date to Chiquitos and were in an official relationship. Quick mover, isn't he. Or perhaps I just was't willing to take what was blossoming for granted. And now our relationship is 28 months old, and every single moment has been great. Don't get me wrong - as with any relationship, there's ups and downs. But this is a happy story, about how we met. Chapter one, shall we say. I'm waiting for him to make a trip to a jewelry store for chapter two to start. And I hope you've enjoyed reading!


Thanks Rebecca!

xo. Nicole

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