Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shelby and Erik's Wedding

My friend, Shelby, recently got married and has let me share some of her pictures with you! Her photographer, Jennifer, did an amazing job (All photos are credit to Jennifer). 

I am totally in love with the honeycombs and the colors of their wedding. Shelby has been amazing in helping me with my wedding, like offering any of the decorations and any help I may need. I am so excited to get together and craft!

I'll add some more pictures in another post, but don't you love it?! Her wedding is very inspiring and it looked like it was a lot of work. They were even under budget and spent under $10,000! Shelby recently started her own blog, which I linked above, and from the looks of it she's going to have some pretty yummy recipes up there! There's already one for some lamb in a crock pot - yum. 

xo. Nicole


  1. She looks great and these are wonderful photos!


  2. I just love weddings! It's so romantic. These photos are absolutely amazing. The bride looks stunning and everyone is just having a great time. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  3. wow! those are some seriously beautiful pictures! I love her dress and veil

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