Sunday, September 30, 2012


I finally have two days off! September was a busy month full of family and friends. I totally lacked on posting this month, but October will be better (I know, every one says that...). I have a bunch of canned pears and I know I want to make something with them. Has anyone ever made a pear pie? Maybe if I added some raspberries in there, too...
1/ Koshka's like any other cat and looovveess boxes 2/ Lace and bows
3/ Perfect mug for fall 4/ Do it Starbucks style! Tights care coming back for Fall
5/ Full moon on my way home 6/ Koshka being Koshka and my lack of smile
7/ Izzy (my dog at my mom's) sunbathing 8/ More vegan cupcakes!

There's September in a couple pictures. A lot of my cat, my shoes, and the moon. I'm excited for what October has to bring :)

xo. Nicole

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