Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some Upcoming DIYs

Tomorrow is my last day of classes! On top of that, I don't have work until Wednesday after tonight. It's going to be a good weekend! Saturday, I'm hoping to hang out with my mom and sister, Sunday it's a CYCW grad bonfire at a friend's house, and then Monday is a girl day with my best friend!

When I have some more time I've got a few DIY's in mind!
Rob and I, after re-arranging the living room, now have some extra stands and he has asked me to make some TV trays. I'm currently browsing Pinterest for ideas :) The second DIY has to do with these: 
When I worked at Ardene, these came in the sandals when we unpackaged them. I decided to keep a bag of them. Pondering whether these should be made in to a decoration for our bedroom or for the wedding...

I also took a late night shower and decided to try one of those wet, messy buns so that I would have curly hair today.
It didn't work out very well. Maybe next time I'll try a braid.

As today was our last day of class (tomorrow is our final exam), a classmate and I decided to wrap everything in Christmas wrap! We showed up at 7 and got right to it. Our instructor also brought us cupcakes :)

Have a good Thursday!
xo. Nicole

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