Thursday, May 24, 2012

Potential Venue

Happy Thursday!
Practicum is going very well :) Yesterday, I worked 16 hours though. 6:30am shift at Starbucks and then I was at Practicum until 10:15pm. I am very, very tired today. In the midst of everything yesterday, I was able to check my email and a lady from one of our potential venues messaged me! We are hoping for a campground wedding. She mentioned that we can rent out a HUGE portion of the campground for only $300!! Most venues go for $1,000 minimum, so this is really great! Now to just figure out a day for Rob and I to go check out the place before making any decisions. I have my eye on a few other campgrounds in the area, and none have emailed me back. If we get a venue down by June 30th, then I can start on decorations and searching for bridesmaid dresses!
Photo courtesy of Peace Arch RV Park

Until then, I'm going to just relax, focus on practicum, and enjoy whatever sunshine comes around. Oh, and hang around with this lazy cat:

xo. Nicole


  1. That campground rental sounds AMAZING!! So hoping it works out for you guys! I LOVE that idea for a wedding venue. So creative!
    Happy weekend :)

    1. Thanks Natasha! We're really hoping it works out soon! I can't wait to start decorations!
      xo. Nicole