Friday, May 4, 2012

DIY Magnets

Who doesn't like magnets? They're always handy to have around. It may not be wedding related, but it very well could be!

First of all, you're going to need:
  • Paint (I also used nail polish, as I liked the colors)
  • Paint brush
  • Magnets
First thing you're going to want to do is to lay down some old newspaper to protect your work area.

All I did was paint 3 coats of paint or nail polish on to the small magnets that I bought from Dollarama.
Everything dried pretty quickly. Feel free to decorate how ever you like! :)
The purple ones with grey spots didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. I feel that the grey and coral colored ones turned out the best and those were the nail polish colors! 

Send me a picture of how yours turn out on Twitter!

xo. Nicole

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