Friday, May 18, 2012


Excuse my lack of smile, haha. I had to be quick to get the picture.

I just finished Catching Fire (I know, so late) and I want to start the third book, Mockingjay. I seriously love The Hunger Games. It's my fourth favourite series ;)

Nothing. Except for Rob playing Diablo 3 and me perusing some blogs. We were watching Sons of Anarchy for a while and then our Internet stopped working, which means no Netflix. We got it back up and started watching Doctor Who. Watching Doctor Who reminds me of being at Zajac Ranch, where some counsellors and I would squish onto a couch when the campers were in bed, and watch it on a laptop.

Thinking about:
Where Rob and I will be having our ceremony and reception. I've emailed Peace Arch Campground, here in Surrey. They've offered us one night free! Now, to figure out our guest list. Peace Arch says that their clubhouse can only hold 50-60 people if it rains. Do we just want family, or family and friends? Do we want children there? What sort of dinner do we want? Will we be able to have a bonfire? Will we rent giant tents? So much to think about.

This weekend! Tonight is laundry and cleaning, tomorrow is the afternoon/evening with my mom and sister. Sunday I have a grad bonfire with some classmates who also finished this week, and then Monday has turned out to be shopping for new work clothes. It's also supposed to be really nice out, except for Monday. Perfect day for shopping :)

xo. Nicole

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