Monday, May 21, 2012

My Victoria Day and A Cookie Fail

Rob and I weren't able to spend any days together this weekend, and Victoria Day was no exception. He's worked the day shifts, while I was at home doing nothing. We went and saw American Reunion last night, though. It was pretty funny, but not as good as the other American Pies. His mom forgot she had made plans last night, so she never came over to watch movies. Tonight, she picked me up and took me to see The Five Year Engagement (I wanted to see it last night, but Rob didn't, so he arranged for his mom to take me). It was a lot funnier than I thought it would be!

I made some dinner before I left for the movie. Was very good :)
When I got home, I decided to make some peanut butter cookies! I thought I would do a post on them, and I really thought they would turn out good.
But right now, I have the fan going and the tray on top of the stove because the recipe just didn't work out very well. Oh well, not all my cooking can be superb all the time ;)
All I could do was laugh. Maybe tomorrow I'll try some peanut butter cookies that don't overflow in my oven.

xo. Nicole


  1. Those cookies.. What did you do to them.

    1. Apparently I forgot that cookies rise. Next time, I will use 2 trays lol