Wednesday, May 2, 2012


In December of 2011, I was told I had a dairy, egg, and sesame allergy with a gluten/wheat intolerance, along with an iron deficiency. This kind of rocked my world. I know that food really isn't a big deal, but to me, it is when you can't eat any of it! I also understand that there are a lot of really delicious and nutritious recipes for vegans out there, but they usually aren't quick and easy to make. They also sometimes cost a lot more money than just a giant bag of frozen perogies. I went through a few stages of grief, and the most recent one was just not caring or being sympathetic to people who forgot or just didn't think about my allergies when bringing food for everyone to eat. It contributed to my feeling of being alienated and I really just started to be angry at people for being able to eat a grilled cheese sandwich. I was also never really satisfied like I was before, and it had made me very cranky.
Today, I went to the walk-in clinic, and while I was there for something else, I figured it wouldn't hurt for a second opinion on my allergies, as it cuts out a LOT of food. The doctor proceeded to lecture me on how there isn't any real testing for allergies like mine. I found he got angry and it was really just an uncomfortable experience. He said all of my symptoms can be attributed to my iron deficiency. For testing of a dairy allergy, they do a stool sample; for testing of a wheat intolerance, it's a blood test and then probably a biopsy of the actual intestine wall. He said the simple blood test that I was given is not enough evidence to diagnose me with a full allergy. The doctor mentioned that I probably only have sensitivities and to not cut out all that food all at once, and to start taking my iron pills religiously. He said that if my symptoms don't get better after a few months of taking regular iron, then he would do further investigation in to my allergies.

The doctor basically wants me to start introducing the foods back in to my diet slowly. I'm thinking about doing that, but I'm hesitant. I haven't had dairy, eggs, or sesame in 4 months and I'm not sure what my body's reaction will be.

Anywho, end of my rant.

I really am just obsessed with Pinterest, and I am always finding my wedding ideas from there. I found some cool magnet DIY's from the Pugly Pixel's DIY, and so last night I bought some dollar store magnets to decorate. I mean, I could always make these now and then figure out how to use them in the wedding?
I hope to make these soon! For now, I have two essays and a student led discussion to work on before Monday. 

xo. Nicole

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