Monday, June 23, 2014

OOTD // Flower Stems

While taking pictures for this post, I realized just how bad I take "selfies". I hadn't taken a good one in a long time, and part of that is from gaining weight and generally not feeling happy with my appearance. That's all changing now, and the exercising is also helping me pick less-plain outfits for work.

I am also super desperate for new shoes. These white ones only have to last me 3 more work days! My job includes a lot of walking, so I'm surprised these even lasted more than a month. 

I am so excited for Friday! We are officially done for the summer, so my friend and I are off to downtown Edmonton to look at some used book stores. She's started to lend me some books, as I want to get back in to reading, and I figured it would be fun for us to go together so she could recommend me some good reads! I think I'll end up sneaking in to a shop to buy some shoes, though. Some to get me through the summer!

xo. Nicole

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