Friday, June 20, 2014

June Julep Review

Wasn't this month's maven box just completely awesome? Last month, I think we all received the Plie wand in our maven boxes, so this month, I purchased the striping and dotting tool to go with it! It came with some pixie sticks that I haven't eaten yet (I'm waiting for a time when I need that sugar rush) and some GORGEOUS colors! I was also surprised to see a box within a box, and all full of nail polish! That was exciting!

My definite favorite color from the bunch is "Ramona". It's a pretty pastel purple, and it's just subtle enough to go with anything in my wardrobe. I don't remember ordering this many polishes, but I'm not complaining! I also polished my toes with "Veronica" (the pinky-coral colour) and I love it. The Ramona polish was a bit goopy when I first painted my nails, so I had to shake it a bit more and redo my nails. Other than that, my only ":(" about this box is deciding which colour to do next!

Did you know that if you click my affiliate link and take the quiz, your first box is free with the code "FREEBOX"!

xo. Nicole


  1. Cuuute colors! I love purple polishes, so I'm envious you got a pastel one. Looks white from here, but I bet it's gorgeous in person. : )

  2. Yeah I know, haha. The iPhone camera does NOT do the color justice. Perhaps I should have a white background next time. I think Essie has some cute pastel colors, too!