Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five for Friday!

While checking out today's events on Jessica's #jigglefreejanuary calendar, she added in that she does a link up with Lauren about 5 highlights from their week! I'm going to try her workout tonight, and right now I'm going to participate in the link up!

My top 5 highlights from this week!

1. Starting my new job! It's the end of my first week, and I love it! I am an Educational Assistant in an elementary school, so I work with students who have special needs. It's very rewarding. The first two days were SO exhausting, but I've got the hang of it now. I also enjoy evenings and weekends off!

2. On Sunday, I finally felt better and had a spurt of energy (my husband and I were both out with a horrible H1N1 or Norovirus) so I went grocery shopping and prepared 3 crock pot meals for the week, omelette bites for breakfasts, and prepared lunches! I love being that organized. My goal is to meal prep every Sunday. It also helps us out, because we're both up at 6:00am and don't have the energy in the morning to make lunches or breakfast. I'll share the recipes with you soon!

3. I haven't had a vehicle for what, a month now(?), and I was told this week that I will have one again on Sunday! My sister-in-law and her husband are fixing up a car that she crashed. I am so excited to have my independence back, and it is so so nice that family help us out in the ways that they do. I seriously don't know where Rob and I would be without them.

4. The amazing staff at the school are all so nice, welcoming, and understanding. I've carpooled with 2 so far and it has helped me tremendously! A taxi one-way is $40, so if I didn't get the opportunity to car pool, I'd be spending $80/day in taxis. I am forever grateful for my wonderful coworkers.

5. This weekend, we are babysitting Rob's nephews and niece and getting my car! It's going to be a fun weekend :)

What were your top 5 highlights from this week?

xo. Nicole

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  1. You're gonna LOVE doing High Five for Friday every week :) I love going through the pictures on my phone Thursday night to see what highlights I'm going to use. Lauren's post isn't up yet, but when it is later today, don't forget to link yours up! It's really fun & encouraging seeing everyone else's posts!

    Congrats on your new job :) That's so exciting, girl! Plus that mug is ADORABLE.

    I hope you like the HIIT workout! Happy Friday!
    xo, Jessica