Friday, January 17, 2014

Change for The Good

January has flown by! It's already the end of my second week of work, and I'm loving it! I'm very happy that I found this workplace, as it's helped me achieve something I didn't think I could do - eating healthy! I really didn't think I could change my eating habits, but working in a school has shown me otherwise. 

I hadn't planned on making any New Year's Resolutions, as I never keep them and it brings disappointment, but this year I might. My husband and I are both doing a money saving challenge so that we can finally go on a honeymoon, and I'm packing my lunches every night. So far so good!
It helps that I can't just drive away on my break and grab McDonald's. One, I don't have enough time, and two, I work in a different city so I have NO idea where anything is! I don't plan on finding out, either. 

I used to get super shaky and cranky if I didn't eat at work. At my current job, I have 3 breaks and I have time to relax and pay attention to my food, rather than scarfing it down. I admit that I've missed breakfast twice and the way I felt made me realize how important that meal is! Both times, I felt really low energy by the time it was my first break, and ate my meat and cheese so fast that I didn't even taste it!

I've tried participating in Jessica's #jigglefreejanuary calendar and it's fun! She's starting her own business and is posting 3 times a week with a yummy recipe, a post where she answers your questions, and she posts a workout on Fridays! I plan to do today's workout after work!

After I saw Christy's post on 10 things that she likes about herself, it sparked the little fire under my butt to get out my feelings on body shaming! (You can read that post here) I'm so happy that she shared a post about loving herself. We should all do one! 

And speaking of change, I'm going to be working with Allison on a blog redesign in the next couple weeks because...

I'm changing the name of the blog! 

I'm no longer a broke bride, and I've really always been more 'lifestyle' than 'wedding' here, so I'll reveal the new name in a fun giveaway when I reach 100 followers (only 1 more to goooo)!!

How has YOUR January been so far?

xo. Nicole

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