Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Working on: Eating healthier! Working at a school has been a huge blessing in more ways than one. I no longer drive off and grab fast food on my breaks, I just pack a lunch the night before. I admit, sometimes I just hate dragging myself in to the kitchen in the evening, but I appreciate it the next day when I'm not crashing from a sugar high or something.

Thinking about: Adding in some exercise on top of eating healthier. I've already noticed a difference from my eating habits, but I think it would feel amazing to just...feel better!

Anticipating: What to bake next! This weekend, I made gluten free banana blueberry muffins. Delicious! 

Listening to: No specific artist, just the radio on my way to work. But I did YouTube a rising country artist, Ray Gibson. She's amazing! I actually went to elementary school with her and her sister and it was so cool to see how far they've both come since then. One has her own business, iweartheheadress, and one has a music career!

Eating: Healthy! I've been *trying* to stop eating gluten, but failing miserably at that. My husband can't have gluten, and there's a huge chance our children won't be able to either, so I figured that I should just cut it out, too. It takes away the chance of cross contamination while cooking and such. Buuuut, I just ate Nutella and banana toast for breakfast, sooo....

Thankful for: Everything right now. My grandpa was allowed to go home from the hospital, but he has to get stronger for surgery. That's another bridge we'll cross when the time comes. I have a rewarding job, a wonderful husband, and a great family who are always there for us.

Planning for: We found a money saving chart thing that goes for a whole year, so we started it January 4th! You're supposed to have almost $1,500 at the end of the year, and we're both doing it, so we'll have almost $3,000. We plan on using it to finally go on a honeymoon!

Reading: Just magazines right now. I recently found my Kindle, so I've been looking around at what sorts of books I can put on there. Any suggestions? My favorite series' are Harry Potter, Something Borrowed, and Confessions of a Shopaholic...

Watching: We have become obsessed with the TV show, Raising Hope. It's hilarious! It helps us unwind at the end of the day while curled up in bed. I highly recommend it!

I came across Roxy's post on her "currentlies" and gave it a go! Check out her post to see what she's been up to, too! :)

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xo. Nicole


  1. Oh! I like this version on Currentlies!

    1. Me too :) It helps me reflect more on just the standard "eating, doing, reading" haha

  2. Good for you on eating healthy!! I started munching on more veggies last year, but I've been slacking off since. I need to start again. Also, I'd love to know your banana blueberry muffin recipe - have you already blogged about it? :)