Friday, January 31, 2014

High 5 for Friday!

I'm linking up with Lauren today for High 5 for Friday for my top 5 highlights from the week! I hope you had an awesome week and I can't wait to see your 5 highlights!

1. I ordered from Julie Ann Art for the second time, and I was NOT disappointed! I was so excited to receive my package. I was also antsy to start making lists (is that weird?)!

2. I treated myself again and got my nails done. I love the purple and the super sparkly silver! It feels so nice after they're done, and I feel more confident with myself. That is always a good thing!

3. I started making Valentine's Day gifts a little early this year. I've noticed that I am pretty much unproductive after work during the week, so I really only do things on the weekends...and that leaves not a lot of time to actually finish projects that need to be done. I'm telling myself that I'm being productive!

4. I officially have 2 pen pals now! I mailed off their packages on Wednesday and I can't wait to receive what they're sending me. I hope that one day, the 3 of us can meet in person. Receiving snail mail is so much fun (even with the stamp cost going up..!)

5. The hubs and I are trying to eat healthier and go to the gym. Well...we've been putting the gym off ALL week and on Wednesday night, we opted for a movie in bed with some junk food. Yeah, I'm pretty much useless during the week! Haha!

I also wanted to add a not-so-good highlight from my week. It's a highlight because it's stood out for me and hurts my heart. My mom bought a puppy for my younger sister and I about 8 years ago. The 2nd day that we had her, she started having seizures. She was so so small, that she fit in to the palm of my hand. That day, my mom let me stay home from school to take care of Izzy, and my friend's mom drove me and Izzy to the vet. The vet said she wouldn't make it through the night...but that was 7 years and 9 months ago! Izzy was a shiht-zu/toy poodle and was about the size of a kitten! She had hypoglycemia, hydrocyphilis (sp?), and she was mostly blind. Always the happiest dog, though we thought that she thought she was a cat sometimes...
She passed away on Wednesday night. She will forever be my Izbit <3

xo. Nicole

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