Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lately • December

I've been quiet around here, but Christmas has been hectic this year! We learned the hard way that when we take Gunner to someone else's house for a sleepover with us, bring his crate! That was a sleepless night.
But Christmas was good for us, and we have two more dinners this weekend! I think people are trying to hint at me to bake because I received a stand mixer, a set of baking pans, and a book to put my recipes in...all from different people! Hint taken, as I made Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies from Rob's new cookbook!

We've also had our fair share of snow. It's either super super cold at -30*C or it's "warm" at -2 and snowing like crazy. No happy medium here. 

So because working Christmas Eve generally sucks for everyone, my manager bought us some pajama sets from work and let us wear them! We also drank hot chocolate all day and wore Santa hats. It was pretty awesome :)

My new ring! I received this with my set of baking pans, along with a charm bracelet. We picked names this year, so the lady who gave me Christmas gifts didn't know me very well, but she has good taste in rings!

I got a chance to visit my friend and her 6-month old baby on Christmas Eve to give them their gifts. He tried eating it at first, then got some help unwrapping, haha! 

Aaaand there's Gunner. He's just been a huge suck these past couple months. All he wants to do is cuddle, and hog the bed! When we first got him, he wouldn't calm down at all, but now we go to bed and he cuddles in between us and is asleep right away! I love it. We also found out on Christmas day that he is good with toddlers. He still needs to calm down, but all he does is lick their faces to no end.

How was your Christmas?

xo. Nicole

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