Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our First Christmas Cards!

So we've had a couple Christmas' together as a couple, but this will be our first as a married couple! Since we moved a whole province away from our friends and some of our family, and we're newlyweds, I wanted to start the tradition of mailing out Christmas cards to everyone! This year, I sent one to everyone who came to our wedding and then some more people. 

As soon as Allison from Crafted Love posted a link on Facebook about how she was/is designing Christmas cards for people, I jumped at the chance! She has done such an amazing job on our wedding invitations, my blog layout, and now our first Christmas cards! I originally asked for only 25, thinking it would be enough, but I was sadly mistaken. Where Allison sent my cards to be printed, they doubled what they printed and she sent me 50 cards! I was mistaken in thinking we only need 25 cards, as I've mailed them all out and I only have about 7 leftover. I know now for next year!

Allison also started making holiday envelopes! I forgot to take decent pictures of them (they are soooo cute!), but I did get one shot!

I also received some amazing news today! For the past couple months, I've been working in retail and just haven't been happy with it. I realized while working in retail that the only job I've ever had where I've been happy is as a Youth Care Counselor in a group home. So, I've been applying for Educational Assistants in the school system here, and I got offered a position this morning! I will be starting January 6! Things are getting better for us, after all the stress of our vehicles breaking down, being 'fixed', and breaking down again.

Did you send out Christmas cards this year? Please share!

xo. Nicole

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