Monday, October 29, 2012

Sponsor A Broke Bride!

I made the switch over to Passionfruit Ads a couple months ago, and I am absolutely in love! They're super easy to use and a huge help. It really beats emailing and sending attachments and waiting for email replies about sponsoring, so this way it's a few simple steps. 

I would like to say thank you to all of my super amazing blogger friends and sponsors who have helped me and my little blog be where it's at today. Some fellow bloggers have helped me out in ways I couldn't imagine and participated in things that make my heart smile, like the October Package Swap (stay tuned for November!), and A Broke Bride's first EVER giveaway! 

When you become a sponsor of A Broke Bride, you get:
  • A guest post!
  • TWO whole months of sponsorship
  • To participate in giveaways
  • A Twitter shout out every Friday!
So whaddia say?

Since the last sponsor call, A Broke Bride has gained 100+ page views a day, and 35 followers (via GFC and Bloglovin)! To me, that's crazy!

xo. Nicole

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