Monday, October 15, 2012

Rob's Birthday Gift

On Friday, October 12th, Rob turned 24! I stayed up until 1:30am on Thursday night with my maid of honor, blowing up balloons and such while he was at work. I was up again at 4 to finish getting ready for Kelowna and to pick Rob up from work at 5:00am...
These are pretty crappy pictures because it was super late at night. I bought him some of his favorite beer and we made him a cake :) 

When we got home from Kelowna yesterday, all of the balloons were still hanging so Rob made a game of it and started punching them all down. It was really fun! Now that there were a bunch of balloons laying around the floor, I didn't know what to do with them. No way was I popping them all, I hate the sound.
Hanging the balloons in the middle of the living room was such a good idea (good one, Nicole). My mom said it adds color to our lives, which is true. It also adds some color to our living room ;)

xo. Nicole


  1. that balloon idea is awesome and it definitely adds a splash of festive, fun and happy color :) love your blog! this is the sweetest gesture. hope you had fun celebrating his bday!
    ciao from your newest follower!! :)

  2. thanks for stickin up for me on Kaelah's blog! I added myself to your followers, and am so happy to be one!
    You are awesome, and so sweet:)

    1. No one deserves someone's negativity like that. I'm happy that you're happy to be one :)

      Your blog is very cute!