Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hey guys! The October Package Swap is almost over! We're all slowly receiving our packages and I am just too excited to see all of the posts showing what they got! I got mine a week or two ago and I am still in love. 

So this is the official call for the November Package Swap! 
Send me an email at nicole.franson1@gmail.com, tweet me @nicloemax, or simply comment on this post! If you'd like to participate, please respond before November 2, 2012!
What IS a package swap?
Basically, some bloggers agree to join and they send packages to each other. I throw everyone's name in to a basket and randomly pick out who is sending to whom. You can see the reaping process here! It's such a wonderful feeling to receive snail mail (especially a package!) and then open it all up and see your fellow blogger put in so much effort and tailor each item to your personality (based on what you've shown/told on your blog, of course)!

I'll make sure to do a follow up post from the October Swap with all the links to what everyone got!

xo. Nicole


  1. I still haven't received my package, sadly enough. And I still need to mail out 4 packages for giveaways I've been hosting. I don't think I'll have the monetary budget for another swap. :'(

    1. I hope it comes soon! :(

      No problem! When I mailed off the one I was sending it cost more than I thought, I can completely understand. <3