Sunday, October 21, 2012


The past couple days have been filled with work, Pinterest, Mario Kart drunk driving, and more work. Not a whole lot went on, but it's sure to pick up soon as I'm breaking down and getting a Crock Pot tomorrow. I can NOT wait to try out all those amazing recipes that have been floating around on Pinterest. Stay tuned! xo
1/ Finding a ribbon = Koshka gets bow'd 2/ The iOS6 update is crap. My battery dies so fast now
3/ Wearin' the awesome headband Nicole sent me 4/ Rockin' the flower she sent me as well
5/ I guess my laptop was warm 6/ Seductive poses are seductive
7/ Family night when she decided to lay on my face 8/ Relaxing when she decided to lay on my shoulder

That was basically just a bunch of Instagrams of my cat. You're welcome.

xo. Nicole

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