Monday, November 17, 2014

Week's End || November 17

1|| The snow is here :( The worst part is sitting in my car while I wait for it to warm up. It adds another 15 minutes to having to go somewhere, especially work at 7:30am. 
2|| Gunner finally had his manhood taken away. He's such a baby when he's wearing the E-Collar, so I tried out a blow up one. Well, it didn't stay inflated and Gunner decided this meant he could jump and run all over the place. Nice try, dog. I returned the blow up collar, and put his other cone back on. I'd rather he have a few uncomfortable days/nights than for him to rip his incision or cause his empty testicle sack to fill with blood and other fun things from excessive movement. 
3|| I took full advantage of my week off from work! I visited my nephews on Tuesday, and then brought homemade cinnamon butter cookies and Tim Horton's coffee to my grandparents on Thursday. With the Winter roads, and work starting again today, those visits will be fewer.

1|| My November Julep Maven box came super early this month!
2|| I won a giveaway and blogged about it - haha!

1|| Rebekah receives the Ipsy Glam Bag. I always love reading her reviews and oggling the gorgeous pictures.
2|| Amanda shared her favourite posts from the week (always good reads!) and made a big announcement.
3|| Here's the recipe for the yummy cinnamon butter cookies that I brought to my grandparents!
4|| It's an older post, but aren't these adorable??

Ah, back to work. Only 6 more weeks until Christmas break. See, there are some things to look forward to! ;) It's been pretty cold all week, but the weather is slowly "warming up". It was -20C, but tomorrow is only supposed to be -7C. I also neglected the gym this week. My excuse is that it took too long to warm up the car, and the roads aren't all that safe, so it was better for me to just stay home unless I HAD to go out. Well, starting today, I HAVE to go out to work, so I really don't have any excuses for ditching the gym now. So far.

xo. Nicole

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