Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Circle || Winter Break Essentials

Happy November! Is it just me or has this past month already flown by? It's almost Christmas, which means it's almost December, which also means it's almost time for another break from work. There's only 5 weeks of work between Fall break and Winter break - crazy! 

I love reading Kiki's blog, and linking up with The Circle every month. This month's is 10 essentials! I chose more than 10, and decided to go with the theme of my upcoming Winter break. This is also my first ever mood board, and I'm proud of how it turned out. I sure do have a long way to go, but it's a start. To me, link ups are fun and have their challenges too. This month proved no exception to those challenges with the mood board.

On to my essentials -

1|| COZY SLIPPERS It gets really cold here in Alberta, and we have a lot of laminate on the floors, so slippers are a must. They also add juuusst the right amount of cozy when I'm lounging around in my pajamas.
2|| COFFEE + MUGS I have a serious addiction. Is it weird of me to look forward to choosing my mug in the morning?
3|| NETFLIX Although I'm not a huge fan of movies and laying around watching TV (I'm more of a computer girl), Netflix is still so awesome to have around. Last time I had some free time, I watched a few documentaries and actually learned something - biased views and all, haha!
4|| SNACKS Chocolate chip cookies make the world go round, and laying around wouldn't be complete without some yummy treats. I have a lot of Christmas baking to do this year!
5|| NAIL ART • How can one really go through the holidays without some festive nail art? I always feel put together when my nails are done, and this reindeer design is soo cute for the holidays.
6|| PJ'S Flannel pajamas are the best. They're so warm, and so soft! I've been eyeing this set for a little while, and they look perfect for Christmas morning.
7|| SNAIL MAIL Oh man, where do I begin? I love sending snail mail to my friends (I may or may not be running behind, though), and I'm going to have so much free time over the 2 weeks to catch up and get those letters mailed!
8|| SCARVES Even when I'm inside, why not?
9|| BOOKS • I really don't have much time during the work week to lay down and read a novel, and I'm in the middle of one right now...so Winter break will be a great time to finish it!
10|| CUDDLES • There will be soo many cuddles happening, I'm not sure I'll be able to do anything else. Gunner was recently neutered, so he hasn't been allowed on our bed. By the time Winter break comes around, we'll have so many cuddles to make up for the time lost.
In Its Time
What are your Winter essentials?

xo. Nicole


  1. I'm sooo looking forward to it, too :) This weekend calls for almost 25-35 cm of snow, so I am definitely staying cozy inside!

    Thanks for hosting an awesome link up!

  2. I love your essentials!!! The slippers, flannel pjs, books, and CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES are my favorites on your list. :) I've been craving choc. chip cookies, but I've been holding off because of the Christmas baking that's getting ready to begin!

  3. I can't wait to do some Christmas baking! Could totally make chocolate chip cookies Christmas-y with red and green m&ms instead of chocolate chips ;)