Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Preparing for Christmas || Supplies

One of the best things about Christmas time is wrapping gifts to give to people. I decided to prepare myself a little early this year, and get some fun things to use for gift wrapping. I love browsing Pinterest for all those wonderful gift wrap ideas, and then waiting too long to wrap gifts, and then just having to use regular ol' supplies. This year, I'm determined!
Thatch & Thistle was having a fun sale, where if you bought a certain amount of products, you'd receive a Halloween treat bag! Obviously this meant I needed to stop everything and shop. Doesn't it?
I added some Christmas twine, gift tags, and some stickers in to my cart!
The treat bag included some fun things! There was twine, stickers, and gift tags! I can still use some of it for Christmas wrapping, and birthday gifts. Our niece's birthday was on November 9, and we have one of our nephew's birthdays on December 4th. These will all be put to good use!
I'm also thinking that I could totally use everything for snail mail! I have a few friend anxiously awaiting some goodies in their mail boxes, and now I have some fun supplies to use. When my husband and I buy our own place next year, there will definitely be a craft room. I can't wait to visit Thatch & Thistle again to load up that room ;) Shhh, don't tell my husband!

Have you started to prepare for the holidays?

xo. Nicole