Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Save The Date!

I sat down after work one night and decided to try and design our Save The Dates by myself. It worked out prettttty darn well and I'm very happy with them :) Allison is still designing our invitations and those are coming along so nicely. It's also time to send these out because we changed the date of the wedding about 3 times. Some venue changes happened, so we weren't sure, but there's a deposit down and we're locked in this time!

I've come across trouble trying to get these printed out properly. It's making me a little nervous how I'll print the invites, but I'll tackle that when it comes. The print center keeps sending them back to Staples with proofs even though I've asked and asked to just print them because they're fine and I like them. I was supposed to mail them out on Sunday, but obviously that didn't happen. Today is Wednesday and I get to pick them up (hopefully) tomorrow.

So here we go:
How do you like it? It's simple, but it incorporates our colors! I'm so excited for everyone to receive and open their envelopes containing them!

xo. Nicole