Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Giveaway Review!

I was the lucky winner again! I'm starting to like this whole "enter a giveaway and win" thing...maybe I'll keep it up. This one was was hosted by the lovely Clara from That Girl Magazine who I met through Blog Trends! 
The coolest thing about this iPhone Glow Skin is that it glows in the dark (duh!). Really, I had no idea it did until I shut off my lamp one night with my phone charging underneath the light. Not that the name of the product was a major hint or anything...
Also, Clara and I have somewhat matching Glow skins on our iPhones now. Jealous?
I had a hell of a time getting the side stickers on and you can clearly tell by the crap job I did. I also think the dimensions (er-measurements?) of the buttons were a bit off for my 4S. It hasn't bothered me since and I'm quite proud of how well I actually stuck the skin on, all even and stuff.
You should probably check out Clara's blog because her posts are pretty funny. She's in college and eating a lot of ramen, so it's fun to read about.

xo. Nicole

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