Thursday, January 3, 2013

Headphone Case DIY

For Christmas this year, I made almost every gift that I gave. From making all of the gifts, I learned so much about sewing and realized that my favorite fabric is felt. This particular felt is "eco-fi" meaning it's ALL made from recycled products. It was a good choice for making things out of.

For my friend Rachel, I made her an iPod cozy and a little case for her headphones. We all know how tangled those can get, so at least this way, the headphones aren't all over her purse!

The pictures are pretty straightforward. I'm slowly learning how to make a tutorial, but I hope you find use out of this one! :)
1/ I cut a rectangle shape that I thought would come out long enough for half of it to be folded. I didn't measure the exact dimensions (sorry!)
2/ I used a blanket stitch around the 3 edges. It would also be a good idea to sew the button on, just under where the pin is, during this step (I didn't and it was hard to sew it on after I sewed the 3 edges).
3/ I cut another piece of felt to match the inside of the flip cover. I made sure to cut out a little mustache and sewed it on the outside of the blue before sewing (with a blanket stitch) the brown piece on.
4/ After the brown piece is sewed on to the inside of the front cover, make sure you cut a small slit so that you have somewhere for the button to push through and stay so that your case will stay closed.

Congratulations! You made a headphone case! She loved her gift and I've considered making bigger versions as clutches or cases for other items, like a laptop. My mind races with random ideas all the time and then I realize I don't have quite enough fabric or patience...

If you have any questions about how to make this, let me know! My tutorial skills will improve over time so be on the lookout for new and improved DIY's :) 

Did you make any gifts this year?

xo. Nicole