Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Crafts!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! It was a crazy time for us, trying to finish gifts and working through the craziness. Excuse my lack of posts! Some serious blog love is coming up in the new year. Now that December is almost over, there's only 5 and a half months until the wedding! That's crazy! Starting in January, it's all wedding. It kinda started today with the lovely chat I had with Allison about how the invitations will look.

Since all the December crazy is over and everyone has received their gifts, I feel like showing off my hard work ;) I made a bunch of coasters for people, some passport holders (my in-laws are always travelling), and then a holiday light headband I made for myself.
Through the process of sewing everything by hand, I seriously improved my skills. I learned how to untie a bunch of knots in the thread and I slowly figured out which stitch goes best when you're stuffing ornaments with cotton filling. I wish I had taken pictures of all the cute ornaments I made, too. I attempted those river rock place mats and they turned out pretty good. As far as I know, everyone was pretty pleased with their gifts :)

I've got a quick tutorial coming up on how to make a headphone case! I made one for my friend for her gift and she loved it.

xo. Nicole