Monday, December 10, 2012

A Little Bit Of December...

December hasn't been too eventful yet, but I'm slowly getting more and more of that Christmas spirit in me! I'm finishing up all of the gifts that need to be shipped to Alberta and then I can finish up the ones for the people here in BC. I'm so excited to give them! Tomorrow, I'm volunteering through Starbucks at our local Food Bank and I'm excited to see how it all works!
Are you volunteering at all this holiday season?
Our cat, Koshka, got spayed on Saturday and she just hates life right now. She isn't enjoying the cone of shame around her neck, or the meds we squirt in her mouth once a day. She hissed and growled on Saturday when I saw her and I had never seen her like that before. But since she got home and had a long nap, she purrs whenever I pet her and I finally got some morning cuddles this morning.
I've been ordering Christmas gifts online (while still making them!) and I decided to order a few tiny things for myself. I got an amazing crochet headband from Susannabean and then a little cat ring from Saffy Loves. I've worn that headband a couple times and I always get compliments :) Unfortunately, my ring broke while at work and I've only got the pieces :(
I also saw the puppies (again) and they are just so cute! I can't get over them. I wish Rob and I could take all 12 but then they'd get bigger and we wouldn't know what to do them all, haha.
Last night included finishing up making my sugar cookies. I got the recipe from A Beautiful Mess and they are soooo good! I used their buttercream frosting recipe as well, but without the cocoa. So good! We ate them too fast to get a nice picture of them all frosted..
How is your December going?

xo. Nicole


  1. Koshka is so freaking cute! I know I say that every time you blog about her...

  2. I'm so sad the ring broke!! I loved it and I wanted to say how cool it is and then I read that it broke.. :-( well, at least it was cool!

    1. Me too!

      It was so wonderful and looked just like my cat (except my cat's eyes are green) and I was pretty sad when it broke :(