Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bumpdate || 26 Weeks!

How far along: 26 weeks
Gender: Girl
Belly Measurement: 26 cm, right on target! 
Maternity clothes: Oh yes. My friend was super generous and when she gave us a ton of baby stuff, she gave me some maternity clothes too.
Sleep: It's not very good the past week or so - up every 2 hours super thirsty and needing to pee, so I'm going pee then having some water, therefore needing to get up again in a couple hours to pee. Oi vey! Along with some pretty vivid dreams that are borderline nightmares.
Best moment this week: Feeling more and stronger movements
Worst moment this week: Not sleeping very well but I manage well throughout the day despite my lack of sleep. So far.
Miss anything: Having more options to pick through when choosing my outfit for the day, haha!
Movement: Lots, and she's definitely getting stronger! Even with the placenta up front, I feel a ton.
Cravings: Not really. I seem to be more into baking, even if I don't want to eat it, and making biscuits or bread from scratch. It feels homey!
Queasy or sick: Still occasionally. Still taking 2 pills at night as I'm way too nervous to stop. 
Looking forward to: Sorting through all the baby stuff that we've received! I wasn't feeling "ready" for a while there because while we were receiving a ton of stuff, I didn't have anything at the house. Now that our nursery/guest room is piling up with stuff, I've been feeling better and a little less anxious about how close I'm getting to my due date.

xo. Nicole

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