Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bumpdate || 23 Weeks!

Happy Halloween! Last night I went to a Halloween party at a friend's house and dressed up as Winnie The Pooh :) It was comfy and easy to put together! I painted a mason jar to be my Hunny pot, which I drank virgin Shirley Temples (thanks Cali!) and water out of all night, and I used some felt fabric and sewed the ears on a cheap headband. The tops were found at Value Village! I could only find a cardigan in the right orange/yellow colour, so I wore it backwards and simply folded a small red shirt over top. Couldn't find a dress or the right colour bottoms, so I opted for my jeans.

How far along: 23 weeks 2 days.
Gender: Girl
Belly Measurement: Assuming 23cm, but I'll know on November 15, my next midwife appointment. 
Maternity clothes: Definitely. Found a black tank top in my closet that still fits nicely even though it isn't maternity :) 
Sleep: Okay. Up once or twice to pee, as usual. My nose is constantly stuffed and I think having the furnace on now is messing up my nose, which in turn isn't letting me sleep as soundly. I was up early yesterday because I was super hungry, and up early this morning because my nose was plugged and my ears hurt. Time to try out a humidifier!
Best moment this week: Feeling movement with my hand for the first time the other night! 
Worst moment this week: My nose/sinuses! It constantly feels like I have a cold. I swear I go through a box of kleenex every week, especially in the mornings. I've been asked at work if I've caught the cold going around, but I really don't think I have. Just pregnancy fun!
Miss anything: Nothing I can really think of.
Movement: Quite a bit! Especially at night when I lay down, or any time I'm on my back really. She's getting stronger and I can feel her more, even with the placenta being anterior.
Cravings: Nothing crazy.
Queasy or sick: Apparently I still can't go without nausea meds. I realized on Thursday, when I suddenly felt like barfing everywhere at work, that I had forgotten to take my meds the night before. I've weaned myself down to only 2 pills at night, rather than the 4-5/day and I apparently can't miss them.
Looking forward to: Getting all the hand-me-downs we're receiving and organizing it all (we have the best family and friends!). Also, only 2 months until we're in BC for Christmas!

xo. Nicole

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