Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bumpdate || 28 Weeks

How far along: 28 weeks today!
Gender: Girl
Wedding rings on/off: Off - when I get warm, my hands have always swelled, which I think is typical for anyone, but I was scared of my rings getting stuck so I took them off this past Friday and have them in a safe place. It feels so weird being ringless after wearing them for over 4 years.
Belly Measurement: I see my midwife this upcoming Tuesday, but I'm going to assume on that day I'll be 29 cm
Maternity clothes: Living in my Old Navy maternity jeans and the WalMart brand leggings my friend gave me
Sleep: Better than the previous bumpdate! I've just found, while it's fun to go and hang around friends, being DD is the worst on my sleep. We'd get home around 12/1am but I'd still get up to pee and still wake up hungry/not able to go back to sleep at about 7am on the weekends. I'd end up having a headache and no energy for the rest of the day, and I really hated my weekends being gone because of that.
Best moment this week: We purged more than half the things from the room in the basement (and have yet to take it to the dump...) and I sorted through all the hand me downs that we've received. I also finished our registry. Feeling a little better about the idea of a baby being in our house in ~12 weeks.
Worst moment this week: I took the glucose test this morning - yuck! I felt a lot better than I thought I would though, and the lady who drew my blood said I could consider that a good sign.
Miss anything: Sleeping soundly, but I know I've hit the point of no return on that ;)
Movement: Lots! She's also getting stronger. Rob hasn't felt her yet. We tried! She'd move and I'd put his hand on my belly, then she'd stop until he took his hand off. Attitude already!
Cravings: Not that I can think of really. I had one day where I just really wanted orange juice so Rob picked some up for me on his way home from work.
Queasy or sick: Holy, apparently I still can't go without my nausea meds at 7 months pregnant. Last Saturday morning I woke up feeling a little funny but I just thought I was hungry. Nope. Turns out I had forgotten my meds the night before because I had to RUN to the bathroom from the couch. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold it back and I heaved mid run - twice. Caught it in my hands the first time, then the second heave went down the front of my pajama shirt. Luckily I missed the rug and that my dogs are gross because by the time I was done puking in the toilet, there was no mess for me to clean up in the living room, hahaha! Sorry for the gross story! I ended up taking a gravol, as the water and granola bar came up shortly after my first episode and I could already feel myself getting a headache and I didn't want to end up at the hospital again. When I puke, I just don't stop apparently.
Looking forward to: Christmas! 

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