Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week's End || September 19

1|| I decorated for Fall a weekend or two ago and included some new artwork that I did with my friend. I also made a Christmas themed one, and a purple-y one that could totally go into the nursery if it's a girl.
2|| Coffee finally tastes good again! I repeat, it finally tastes good. During the first trimester, my body naturally weaned itself off by making it taste gross but I'm happy to report I can enjoy a cup in the morning again ;) I shared this photo on Instagram with a caption about getting sick and Rob being laid off. Stress!
3|| Spencer usually lets me know when it's bedtime ;)

1|| 17 week update! Maybe the 15 week update, too?

This weekend has been a pretty lazy one. Today I did end up baking some Pilsbury Halloween cookies and made some freezable breakfast sandwiches, so maybe not THAT lazy. I found some cheap maternity clothes at Old Navy yesterday and I'm looking forward to being more comfortable at work!

xo. Nicole

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