Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bumpdate || 18 Weeks!

Sneaky break time selfie because I forgot to take a picture in the morning before work...again. My friend Allison recommended a selfie stick because it comes with the tripod attachment. May be worth it!

How far along: 18 weeks 
Gender: Unknown
Weight gain: 6 lbs
Maternity clothes: Yep! I bought some from Old Navy, though I found the jeans are a little big right now. They keep falling down during the day, but it's nice to have the option. 
Sleep: Pretty good actually! My fitbit says I'm getting over 8 hours and I'm sleeping pretty heavily with only one pee break.
Best moment this week: Feeling movement that actually felt like movement on Wednesday or Thursday maybe? Haven't really felt it since, just the occasional jab at my bladder. When that happens, I don't feel the movement, just the sharp, not-so-painful feeling of it being hit. Also, Rob found a job and starts this coming Tuesday! Only 2 weeks of him being unemployed but it made us realize how badly we really need to start saving, especially if it happens again. With his new job, we'll also need a second vehicle before baby comes in February because I'll be without for 10 days in a row - not good for doc apps or emergencies.
Worst moment this week: I can't recall anything off the top of my head, which is nice :)
Miss anything: Same old, same old.
Movement: Some obvious movement for a day this past week, but not so much anymore.
Cravings: Poutine, perogies, taquitoes, hashbrowns, cheese, oranges, and whatever's not in my lunch.
Queasy or sick: A few bouts of nausea and some wicked heartburn kicked in. Diclectin is still working well for me!
Looking forward to: Gender reveal in 2 weeks!! Rob still thinks it's a boy and I'm undecided. Half the old wives tales say boy, the other half say girl. In all the ultrasounds, it's been lying on it's back at the bottom of my uterus and kicking away. So maybe it is a boy! I've been finding myself wondering more and more and what it'll be like having a boy or a girl.

xo. Nicole

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