Monday, July 6, 2015

Week's (Month's?) End || July 6

1|| My friend and I started our own little book club that no one else wanted to we're both reading Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins. I'll post about it when I'm done, but so far I seem to read 6+ chapters at a time. When I find the time to read, I go hard and the book's pretty good. Next, I'm hoping to read a book on Autism.
2|| My first official day of summer vacation! I mean, I had the weekend but does that really count if I already get every weekend off? ;) It was soo gloomy, cold, and wet that day that even the dogs were lethargic. 
3|| Our office/future-nursery-one-day wasn't painted when we did the rest of the house before we moved in because it's where we had all of our painting supplies, haha! I thought I completed my first Summer project, but it turns out I should have sanded the one wall before painting...ugh.
4|| My younger sister arrived last night from BC. She drove all by herself for the whole 14 hour drive, and even brought tea. She won a gift basket so we tried some of the tea - and it's Whole30 compliant! Win-win :)

Well, a whole month went by without any blogging. I mean, random ideas pop in to my head to post about, but then I forget to write them down and I forget them. I've also had a huge writer's block and I've been so busy with trying to find time to exercise and to keep actually cooking my meals. I'll find a balance but it's taking a long time.

xo. Nicole

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