Thursday, July 30, 2015

MFJ v0.6 || Summer

It has been so nice to have the Summer off where I can focus on my eating and exercising. I don't have an excuse for not finding time to exercise, nor to be unprepared for Whole30. I've used my time off to my advantage, except for one full weekend and the odd day here and there. I haven't started another full round of Whole30, but I generally eat compliant. I spent 4 days in Banff and Canmore, Alberta for a bachelorette party which didn't involve any compliant meals or drinks. I also let myself have some wine and chips for my birthday party. Now that both of those events are over, I have longer periods of time between big events to focus on eating clean. 
There's a full 18 days in between the bachelorette party and the wedding, with a camping trip in between. It's easier to stay compliant during the camping trip because I could just bring my own Whole30 approved hot dogs, and bring some vegetables to roast over the fire...but I probably won't. I'm making the conscious decision to drink wine, eat s'mores, and eat whatever anyone else is bringing for the whole group. I'm not going to go overboard, because I know how I'll feel physically and mentally. I beat myself up for a while after my birthday party because I gained 9 pounds of bloat that took a whole week to go down completely. I went overboard and suffered the consequences. 
My friend, Allison, and I have made an agreement. We have to hold each other accountable by sending each other pictures of our meals and photo evidence that we exercised. Yesterday and today have gone well, though yesterday I overdid it. I ate 3 meals like usual, but I exercised in the morning and in the evening. I ended up dehydrating myself pretty badly and woke up Tuesday morning at 4am with a blinding headache and extreme thirst that I almost woke Rob up to take me to the hospital. It was agony, and even after Advil and lots of water and some food, my headache lingered until 11am. I've been eating clean, drinking tons of water, and sipping on coconut water to help me rehydrate. So far, so good. 
All of our Summer events are over as of August 9. We drive home from Canmore, Alberta that day so I still won't have any compliant food with me. August 10 I'm officially starting my 4th full round of Whole30. I hope to go longer than 30 days, but you never know what will pop up.

I shared some of my meals above. I have a whole head of iceberg lettuce and I'm finding good use for it before it goes bad. Tried to make lettuce wraps that ended up just being a gluten free version of sloppy joes. I've been putting my eggs (fried with EVOO and seasoning salt) on the lettuce too, and adding Frank's Red Hot Sauce on top. So good! Whole30 meals were daunting at first, trying to make sure everything was compliant and that I had enough food, but now it's easy and second nature of what to throw together.

Have you done Whole30? 

xo. Nicole

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