Sunday, June 7, 2015

MFJ V.05 || An Update

Since January 2, I've been on and off doing Whole30 rounds. You probably already knew that if you've read my previous posts, or follow me on Instagram. To date, I've completed 3 full rounds and am currently doing my 4th. It's crazy sometimes to think of how far I've come! I remember being so anxious before I started round 1. I also remember thinking I'd for sure mess it up and not complete a full round, but look at me now! 
My life has changed for the better, and everything is coming together. Whole30 honestly makes me feel amazing, and I'm definitely working hard to make this a lifestyle change. It can be tough some days to distinguish the difference between a diet and an actual lifestyle change, especially when there's donuts and candy at work. 
I started to incorporate exercise in April. I started with a spin class, but that's over now. As of last month, I now do stairs, hills, running, and 30MinuteHit. My secret is having a workout partner, haha! It holds me accountable, it helps me to encourage her and myself, and it makes it a lot more fun. My goals for myself include:
  • Drinking at least one of my giant green jugs of water, every day. (I have yet to measure how much water is actually in it...)
  • Exercising in some form at least 4 times a week.
  • Finding balance with Whole30 and regular day-to-day life. I'm not sure what balance means for me, but I'm figuring it out.
A huge motivator for me was when Healthy is The New Skinny reposted and shared my photo. I treated myself to one of their tank tops and wore it the day after it arrived. I always get "wow I love your shirt!" when I'm wearing it while at work and when I'm working out. I used their hashtag, #healthyisthenewskinny in my photo and then they reposted it on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! It has over 1,000 likes and the comments are amazing. I never thought that I could be someone else's motivation or inspiration. It's...motivating! 

I am excited for what the future holds. In just 5/6 months, I've lost 35 pounds and I've become more active than I've never been. I constantly think about where I'll be next January and I get so excited every time!

Seriously, if I can do it, you can do it. Just get rid of your excuses. I MAKE the time for exercise and meal prepping now. If you want something, you make it happen. 
I love the quote, 
"If you think you can or can't, you're right."
It is SO true.

xo. Nicole


  1. That's so awesome Nicole - you look amazing!! Congratulations on your progress so far, extremely inspirational!!

  2. Thanks Tess! I'm excited and always looking forward to following your journey